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Deep Wash

Deep Wash

provides a wide range of deep wash.
Deep wash of cars, deep washings, beds, armchairs, cleaning of home and office furniture, carpets, trails, etisons.
For our services we use deep washing machines and steamers, exclusively from the German manufacturer "KERHER". Cleaning products are made from German and Swiss manufacturer


Prices for services in the Deep Wash Section

  • Depp Wash of car seats

    2000.oo rsd

  • Deep Wash of the entire car

    4000.oo rsd

  • Two seat furniture

    1000.oo rsd

  • Three seat furniture

    1300.oo rsd

  • Armchair

    600.oo rsd

  • Chair

    from 200.oo rsd

  • Carpets, trails

    180.oo rsd/

For any questions, you can contact us on the phone: +381 61 207 47 47