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Contact Phone: +381 61 207 47 47

Professional Cleaning Services

Magično čisto provides professional cleaning services in the following facilities:


Magično Čisto provides professional services for complete care of buildings and their garages, with previously agreed prices...

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Keep your business flawlessly clean, with the latest cleaning equipment provided by Magično Čisto...

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Storage Units

Magično Čisto is here to help you make your warehouse space perfectly clean and tidy...

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Grass cutting, weed removal, leaf gathering, tree branching, tree felling and many other services in the yards...

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Machine Wash of all types of floors with the most modern and professional machines...

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Apartments, Houses

We provide a professional cleaning service for your apartment, house or entire household...

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Deep Wash

Deep car wash, deep carpet cleaning, deep washings, deep washing of furniture...

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Professional and quick cleaning of the garage, both private and garage buildings...

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Shopping Centers

Magično Čisto also provides professional services in the cleaning of small and large shopping centers...

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Sports Objects

Cleaning services for large and small sports facilities at agreed prices. Only with Magično Čisto...

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Do you have an object to clean before renting? Magično Čisto provides professional cleaning services for renting facilities...

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Post construction cleaning

Small or large post constructions, we are here to make your building, after these works, Magically Clean...

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Winter Service, Snow Cleaning

We provide snow cleaning services, ice melting, salt spraying...

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Why Us?

Top several reasons why you should trust us.

Fast and Effective Service

We provide top quality cleaning of all facilities with the help of the latest available cleaning machines.

The Latest Cleaning Machines

Our range of machines consists of well-known Kerher machines that guarantee your satisfaction.

Professional Equipped Workers

Our team consists of specially selected people with knowledge and skills that guarantee speed and quality of work.

100% Guaranteed Quality

Magično Čisto is here to provide you impeccable services with 100% guaranteed quality.

Flexible Working Time

Magično Čisto is there for you! Cleaning is provided at the agreed time, the one that suits you the most.

No additional costs

The cleaning price previously agreed is final, at no extra cost. Which means that transportation, water and all other additional supplies are our concern.

For any questions, you can contact us on the phone: +381 61 207 47 47