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Contact Phone: +381 61 207 47 47

About Us

Magično Čisto is a company committed to providing high quality services in the field of cleaning facilities.

Magično Čisto - Agency for facility cleaning

We provide cleaning services for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. The team of people who are here to give you a pleasant experience with a professional high-quality cleaning service.
Experience, quality and our equipment is what we can boast of, and it's up to you to see that. Contact us and see what we offer, make sure of our quality.

Contact Us

Why Us?

Top several reasons why you should trust us.

Fast and Effective Service

We provide top quality cleaning of all facilities with the help of the latest available cleaning machines.

The Latest Cleaning Machines

Our range of machines consists of well-known Kerher machines that guarantee your satisfaction.

Professional Equipped Workers

Our team consists of specially selected people with knowledge and skills that guarantee speed and quality of work.

100% Guaranteed Quality

Magično Čisto is here to provide you impeccable services with 100% guaranteed quality.

Flexible Working Time

Magično Čisto is there for you! Cleaning is provided at the agreed time, the one that suits you the most.

No additional costs

The cleaning price previously agreed is final, at no extra cost. Which means that transportation, water and all other additional supplies are our concern.

For any questions, you can contact us on the phone: +381 61 207 47 47